The Merzke Family

The Merzke Family
Henry & Maria Merzke Family Circa 1925 - (front) Maria, Henry, Marjorie & Floyd. (rear) Lillian, Rose, Erwin, William, Marian, Charles, Albert, Walter, Henry, Jr., & Ella

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anna Bertha Marie Merzke

(The Story of Two Little Girls Named Anna)

Anna Bertha Marie Merzke, the second child and first daughter, was born at home at 82 Maria St. on October 19, 1890. She was baptized that same day. Her sponsors were Albert Bonke and Caroline Rach. (Note: This Caroline Rach was not Maria's mother. She was most likely Maria's aunt by marriage.) Anna's middle name and baptismal name are those of her mother and not those of her sponsors as was typical for the Merzke naming pattern. Baby Anna died the next day, October 20, 1890 at home. The cause was listed as convulsions. She was buried October 21, 1890 in Mount Hope Cemetery.

Maria's half-sister, Anna Smarcz was born to Julius and Albertina Smarcz on June 6, 1887 in Stolp, Prussia. She came to America with her parents and older brothers in the early spring of 1892. Upon arrival, the family came to Rochester and came to live with Maria and her young family. Anna had little time to get acquainted with her big sister Maria and her family. Anna Smarcz died of diphtheria on Mar 17, 1892 at the age of 4 years, 11 months and 11 days. She is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in the same burial plot with her big sister's daughter Anna Merzke.

For years and years my father, Floyd and his sister, Marian decorated the graves of their parents and four sisters buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. I went along with them for as long as I can remember. For all those years that they planted flowers for their sister Anna, I do not believe they had any idea there were two little girls named Anna buried in that grave. I only discovered the fact while researching the family history.

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